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The Yakushima Circuit.
~100 km around the island

Nowhere in the world is the blessing of the water cycle more apparent than in Yakushima. Warm, wet air bringing abundant rains to the mountains, super-soft water trickling out of the ground, crystal clear rivers flowing to the oceans. So its no wonder you'll find people swimming, snorkeling, river-climbing, and kayaking all around the island, even though there are only three main swimming beaches and one central canoe station.

Many activities, like fishing, river-trekking, diving, and snorkeling, don't have a central hub. And some activities, like kayaing, can be done in places not listed on this map. Hire a guide to take you to the best spots.

For casual swimming, please use one of the three designated swimming beaches (or the Iwasaki Hotel pool). You can swim at your own risk even when no life guard is present, but swimming at night is highly discouraged (for various reasons) and you should be aware of dangers such as strong tides and rip tides, rip currents, undertow, sudden waves, and jellyfish.

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