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The Yakushima Circuit.
~100 km around the island

Click on a tab on the map to find out about some of the most popular things to see without much physical exertion. If you're traveling by car, it usually takes close to 4 hours to drive the circuit without stopping, and you can easily spend the whole day exploring. You can also consider taking a moped or bicycle to feel a bit closer to the landscape, but keep in mind that Yakushima is anything but flat and you'll often be sharing a lane with cars and buses.

If you're traveling by bus, you might consider making a reservation for a (Japanese-language only) tour bus—since the public buses can't drive through the West Forest Road—or picking one or two destinations to spend most of your day.

Anywhere you go, please be careful. Because we have so much rain, so few people, and lots of hills, even sidewalks may become very slippery. Especially if this is your first time in Japan, be aware of narrow ditches next to many roads and sidewalks.


Content last updated in 2020.

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